The Magnificent Brotherhood – 
«Dope Idiots» (Album 2010)
If you are into the pretentious and intellectual side of rock music, stop reading here. ...But if you are turned on by music that brings you up and makes you high,
you should certainly get to know The Magnificent Brotherhood.

Dope Idiots brings you 12 highly addictive garage rockers, full of crazy Fuzz guitars, Farfisa organ swirls and zappaesque lyrics. The Magnificent Brotherhood´s
unique songwriting style and their freak–out attitude make this album a musical upper, capturing wild up–tempo numbers, as well as some souly tracks too.
Not denying the band´s vintage and raw live sound Dope Idiots is serving some frash material, all written by Drewinski & Haegert. This record sure is dope!
But listen yourself...

Recorded, produced and mixed by Philipp Kopp and The Magnificent Brotherhood at Two Stroke Studio Berlin in 2010.
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